Plant science

My Plant Science

I studied Agricultural Sciences (especially in the field of medicinal plants) and Phytosanitary Sciences at the Corvinus University in Budapest.

I worked on plant breeding with

Häberli from Switzerland, I was part of the first group of Hungarian Phalaenopsis laboratories in vitro, I was an international purchaser of ornamental plants from Auchan who was traveling on business throughout Europe.

I have a high level of knowledge of plants, their physiology, their possible diseases or needs - How to treat them, how to fertilize them, how to multiply them, what a plant likes or dislikes.

For me, a garden is not only aesthetic, it is a place where plants live and I believe that there is only one type of habitat where they feel they are in an ideal environment.

Plants can adapt to many environments. Our planet is made up of 98% biomass and there are plants that are thousands of years old. This means that plants can adapt to many extreme conditions, but we who design spaces for them must do so with the awareness that this environment will be their home for a long time and we must at least try to create something where they can really feel in their habitat.

We currently have around 1000 plants of around 300 different breeds in the garden.
I multiply seeds and bulbs.

All year in flower

It's nice to have cut flowers on the table all year round. The idea of growing flowers is quite new. last year (2019) I decided to create a selection of flowers available all year round.

Would you also like a flower garden all year round? Look at my selection.

Piante officinali

With my husband, we dispense essential oils from various medicinal plants. We prepare natural products, creams, soaps, cosmetics. In the garden we cultivate various officinal plants.

Punica granatum

Since 2016 we have created our pomegranate orchard

Our breeds are:

Dente di Cavallo, Wonderfull, La queen, Mollar


Botanical collection

At the moment we have about 1000 plants of about 300 different breeds in the garden, among all these hamao also a rare and unique collection including plants such as Firmania simplex, Camphora, Leonotis leonorus and others .., come and visit us!

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