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" I create a world of colours and use storytelling focuses on contemporary topics, highlighting both positive and negative aspects of our time.I create intricate works that blur fact and fiction while always introducing a sense of humour to give a powerful effect. I also play multiple characters in this drama where I often illustrate myself as small characters or animals. Sometimes, thoughts or some text scares the surface of the canvas but are never entirely readable.

A mom of two children, memories from my daily life, integration in a foreign country, little stories from my garden, my original study are my biggest sources of inspiration."

"When I met my husband and moved to Italy and began learning art, attended several courses about painting techniques, after about 2 years I finally decided to commit to becoming an artist. I learned and practiced tirelessly, and began to sculpt my career as an artist.

Im interested in painting on a variety of different surfaces, fascinated and influenced by surrealism, metaphysical and pop art, both real and imagined forms the basis of most of my work"


2020/Indiewalls Open Call finalist, curated  by Kat Shannon– Project Anthem models (Portland, OR)

2019/Indiewalls OPEN CALL finalist, curated by Ben Stanley - Projekt SOLE MIA (Florida)

2018/Indiewalls OPEN CALL finalist, curated by Ben Stanley  - Projekt Tunberry Isle Resort (Florida)

Saatchi Art: Artist of the day

Rise Art Prize  curated by Rebbeca Gordon, shortlisted

The Punch Project: Barnstrom at Bluestone, finalist Washingtonthe first in a series of pop-up exhibitions activating rural spaces in unexpected ways with art, music and creative installations

2017/EWAAC London, finalist 

Design Show, Houston , DASH 22-24 april, 2016

Design Show, Houston, DASH 1-3 May, 2015

2000 Edwards Street . Houston, Texas

2013/Color City, Kazinczbarcika -  murales, shortlisted

"I do large scale paintings. The combination of my past, as well as my original studies of Horticultural Engineering are always reflected in my paintings. I paint narrative art, I use inspiartions, litte stories from my garden or from my past."

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